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Cowboy Joe Tag: 729
Sire: One in the Chamber
Dam: Brother Joe
Birthdate: 2/23/17
Breed: Cross
Comments: Here is truly a stout, wide skeletoned, massive steer calf with lots of muscle and guts. He is out of a great cow and should be a fun one to feed.
Cowboy Joe Tag: 730
Sire: Business Done Right
Dam: Milkman
Birthdate: 2/24/17
Breed: Chi
Comments: He is a very shapely made, cool looking steer calf that is bred to be a show steer.
Cowboy Joe Tag: 737
Sire: Monopoly Money
Dam:Meyer Granddaughter
Birthdate: 2/25/17
Breed: Cross
Comments: Here is a calf that is super sound and soft made. He is extremely smooth from end to end, and should just get better everyday.

Cowboy Joe Tag: 741 - SOLD
Sire: Yellow Jacket
Dam: Carpe Diem
Birthdate: 2/27/17
Breed: Cross
Comments: This Yellow Jacket is gonna be pretty darn good! He is so shapely in his top, stout in this bone, and correct in his lines. Don’t pass this one up!
Cowboy Joe Tag: 757
Sire: Moonlight
Dam: Meyer Granddaughter
Birthdate: 3/3/17
Breed: Cross
Comments: Stout, thick and hairy. These are the three words that come to mind when I look at this calf. He is also extremely correct, sound, and evenly balanced.

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Cowboy Joe
Since 1990, we have been producing top-quality steers competitive at the state fair–level by AIing to top club calf sires. Recently, to improve the maternal side of our operation, we purchased two bulls, which were turned in after AIing for one cycle. The first is a black baldy we call “Cowboy Joe;” he is a Plainview Lutton E102 (purebred Angus) son out of a Slick 50/Hired Man daughter. Cowboy Joe is a low birth weight, calving-ease special. Slick 50, as most of you know, is a 5-Star calving-ease Maine Anjou and a 4-star Maine for milk. Hired Man is Double Stuff on the bottom side. As we see it, Cowboy Joe combines Angus, Shorthorn and Maine into a sound, calving-ease, high-maternal, genetically-clean package.

Black Jack
The second bull we purchased is another black baldy named “Black Jacket.” He is a Yellow Jacket (Lifeline x HooDoo) son out of a Drager Donor 501, who is Heat Seeker x Meyer 734 x Angus. He is a full sib to the Grand Champion Progress Steer at the 2010 Texas Junior Livestock Association Fall Classic and a full sib to the 2011 Reserve Grand Champion Steer in Ft. Worth, Texas. This Yellow Jacket son brings Angus, Shorthorn, Simmental, Charolais and Maine Anjou genetics together into what should be a highly-maternal female-making machine. Offering maternal females and competitive steers makes Burch Livestock a must-see stop for any competitive individual.

It has long been said that western cattle are stouter, sounder and thicker. Because of the diverse environment in which these cattle are raised, they respond to feed very well and stay healthy. These cattle are required to travel miles for feed and water.

We are proud of the cattle we raise and invite you to stop by for a visit.

Kelly & Gena Burch


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