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Our Farm

Hello. Welcome to Burch Livestock!

We would like to share some history with you. We bought a 200-acre hay farm in l983 in Casper, Wyoming. We had great aspirations to raise quality show calves, show lambs and hay. The lessons learned have been tremendous and we, of course, continue to learn. We now run l25 club-calf cows and 40 club ewes. We put up over 2000 ton of alfalfa and alfalfa/mix hay on 400 acres. We have been in business for over 30 years with a continuous goal of producing winners and quality hay.

We are thankful for our ancestors (Orr's, DeBerard's, and Burch families) in what they stood for in the agricultural world. They paved a "road" for our generation with a lot of hard work and determination.

The "school house" (the first picture below)is what we moved into in l983. We still live in this today - remodeled. It is over l00 years old. The two pictures of the barn (the second and third photos) show the barn when we moved here in l983 and today refurbished (the fourth photo). This barn is also at l00 years old. The new Morton Barn is 5 years old and is the lambing barn.

The Farm

school house
1983 - picture of barn
barn refurbished
Morton Building - sheep barn

The Family


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